WOBA Appendix 3 Program Overview (WOBA Bulls)

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Appendix 3 BULLS Program
Revised Fall AGM 20233

(1) Premise

The WOBA Bulls Teams are ‘tournament only’ teams that fall under the OBA Rule R4.01 (aa) with the WOBA exception of not being allowed to compete in open tournaments at the A level.  Bulls teams can only enter AA and AAA tournaments.

Coaches who are part of the WOBA Bulls program will be required to be accredited in accordance with OBA requirements for the current season.  Details are available here: https://www.playoba.ca/


(2) Registration

Players who attend try outs and/or are selected and rostered to any WOBA Bulls team must attain the following criteria to be eligible to play:

  1. Be a current WOBA registered player in their Home Association during the Bulls playing season
  2. Participate and play with a Local Association team for league play at the discretion of the local association in their ability to field a legitimate team to a minimum of 10 players.
  3. Be OBA REP rostered to a WOBA league team at the same series.
  4. Honour their commitments to their Local Association first if there is a conflict with the Bulls team game schedule.


(3) Program

The WOBA Bulls teams shall follow the guidelines of:

  1. Provide tryout opportunities, making every effort for these opportunities both in the North and in the South where possible.
  2. It is only a tournament team and NOT a team that is eligible for OBA REP play-offs.
  3. May not participate at tournaments that would contravene the SOBA-OBA agreement.
  4. A Bulls team can only enter 1 tournament in the month of June and 1 in July. More than 1 tournament is allowed in May.
  5. Any tournament in August mut be approved by the WOBA executive first.  No tournaments are to be scheduled on the Civic long weekend.
  6. A Bulls team cannot enter tournaments on the same weekend that a WOBA Centre is hosting a tournament at the same age group. WOBA locals are to identify the intended weekends for respective divisions by November 1st.
  7. A bulls team must have their tournaments entered by January 1 and posted to the Bulls website to allow OBA teams to enter tournaments and avoid conflicting dates. Any Bulls tournaments added after January 1 that conflict with another tournament those players must play with their home Centre.

(4) Rosters

  1. The WOBA Registrar must review and approve the team roster prior to submitting it directly to the office manager of Ontario Baseball Association (OBA).
  2. A team may use eligible call up players up to a maximum of two (2) players.  Eligibility of a call up player is based on the player criteria as set out above.
  3. The WOBA Registrar must be informed of and approve all call up players.  Such approval is to be signified by either the Registrar submitting the changes to the office manager of Ontario Baseball Association or confirming them.  Failure to inform the Registrar of call up players will result in the suspension of the team coaches.
  4. If a player plays on a Bulls team, they must play with the OBA team of their home Centre.  14u/15u & 16u/18u Bulls players will have the option to play on their WOBA league team.
  5. If their home Centre doesn’t roster an OBA team, then the player may seek to be rostered on an OBA roster with another Centre and must continue to participate with their home Centre’s WOBA league team for league play.
  6. Any player designated as an ‘AP’ to a Bulls team shall participate on the local WOBA team and does not have the option to not participate