Mission & Vision (WOBA Bulls)

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The WOBA Bulls program is an OBA-sanctioned program that exists to allow athletes in the primarily rural area of the Western Ontario Baseball Association territory to experience the same high-level of competitive baseball that athletes in any city would experience.

WOBA Bulls teams do not play a set league schedule but participate in individual exhibition games and AA, and AAA tournaments throughout each baseball season.

To be eligible an athlete must reside in WOBA's territory (see Appendix B of the Ontario Baseball Association Constitution) and must be rostered on an official OBA roster of a local WOBA team for the given year.

Rule Reference

OBA RULE R4.01 (aa)

Where several municipalities or Local Associations of C or lower classifications desire to compete in open tournaments at the A, AA, and AAA level, they may choose to register an Affiliated Association approved team for that purpose. Such teams shall not be eligible for Rep Play-offs and Elimination Tournaments, and players on such a team are obliged to honour commitments to their Local Association first.

NOTE:  The WOBA, at their 2023 AGM redefined the requirement for their affiliate teams with respect to attending specific classifications of tournaments.  As of November 1, 2023 WOBA Bulls teams may only enter AA and AAA OBA sanctioned tournaments.