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Feb 04, 2024 | WOBA Secretary | 518 views
Bulls Program structure for 2024 & 2025
Unfortunately there were no viable applications received for the GM position for the upcoming 2024 season of the Bulls program.

The WOBA is open to receiving applications for the GM position for the next season.  A GM would need to be in place for September 1st, 2024 otherwise the program may be suspended at that time.

FOR 2024

The Elected Board recognizes that players and coaches are in place for the
upcoming season. The Bulls program for the 2024 season will continue as currently booked for tournament play. 

The program will be managed for the 2024 season by a committee assigned by the Elected Board of WOBA.  Each team will have a committee member as their liaison to the Affiliate executives to ensure that guidelines and requirements are met throughout the season.

All coaches are to attain the AAA coaching requirements for head and assistant coach respectively if attending a AAA tournament.  Teams attending AA tournaments require the respective coaching requirements for AA and below which is different from AAA requirements.  OBA has ongoing NCCP online coaching clinics running until the end of May.  Coaches not meeting NCCP requirements will be removed from their roster and will not be permitted to be on the bench at any OBA game. If a coach attains their requirements thereafter, they may be put back onto their roster upon email notification to the WOBA registrar.

Each team is to maintain their own accounting of their income and expenses, and submit a copy of this record keeping by September 7th, 2024 to their WOBA liaison.

The WOBA Secretary will create the team rosters based on the registration information.  Rosters need to be verified by the respective head coach prior to the secretary submitting to the WOBA Registrar. Note that the ne Rep roster deadline has been moved to an earlier date and is now May 31.  Players may not be added after this date.  Coaches may be added after this date.  The registrar and secretary will confirm AAA NCCP certification on all rostered coaches at the time of the roster creation.

If a team is travelling to the USA or out of province, please inform your WOBA Liaison so that proper OBA documentation is put in place before travel.  When out of province or out of country, all teams are obligated to continue using the OBA arm care app and pitch limitations.

Bulls teams are tournament only affiliate teams.  Teams that wish to play an exhibition game must obtain permission from the WOBA.  A reminder that a player's home association commitments take priority. An exception would be if the Bulls are at a tournament and qualify for Sunday play, and their local team also has a game on the Sunday.  The player is not obligated to leave the tournament to go play for their local team.

The Liaison will review tournament schedules with the team for conflicts and go over administrative details as well.  The WOBA has their own Provincial qualifier weekend on the Civic long weekend in August.  No Bulls tournament play is permitted the first weekend in August.

WOBA Committee Members for the 2024 Bulls program
11u     D Wolfe
12u     M Klein
13u     S Travale
14u     A Hoggarth
15u     B Henry
16u     A Murray
18u     J Ryan

amended April 3/24 with respect to AA and AAA requirements